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So lets begin by saying this. WOWWWWW!! This track is dopee! I never thought that someone could remix this track by Rob Zombie in this awesome way! I know i’m using a lot of exclamation marks but to be fair it is a great song ha ha. This song is called Sick Bubblegum and it is was originally created by Rob Zombie. Now we have a man by the name of Skrillex who we all know has created some pretty awesome tracks that are out there traveling through our speakers today. He came through and mashed this tune up with an electro yet dubstep feel and it came out more that amazing if you ask me. So listen, enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates! It’s Rob Zombie – Sick Bubblegum (Skrillex Remix) 

Here is a link to THE SKRILLEX WEBSITE 

And be sure to check out his Youtube channel at ( TheOfficialSkrillex )


From the second this tune starts to the very second that it ends, it definitely does not disappoint. It is a track by L.A.S.E.R. and it is called Inside Your Head Remixed by EP Teaser. This is one awesome collaboration and it definitely shows the appreciation that they all have for music. Different styles ans genres are blended together here to achieve that one great party atmosphere. It definitely has that dubstep and electro inspired sound held together by that awesome drum and bass. The more i listen to it the more i seem to piece together different sounds and greatness! Well here is the track L.A.S.E.R. – Inside Your Head (EP Teaser) listen to it, enjoy and be sure to keep checking up for more updates!


There is a tune by Tay Dizm Ft. T-Pain that definitely caught my eye. It is called Haterz and to most it’s just a regular old track, and for the most part i would agree with you guys.  Now take this man by the name of  Butch Clansy who happens to create some really unique works of musical art. He came into this and totally remixed this track and it sounds awesome! Of course it is Dub inspired, but like most of you will notice, it does have it’s Drum & Bass flavor thrown in there.

The track is called Tay Dizm Ft. T-Pain – Haterz (Butch Clansy Remix) and it’s a great example of clashing styles.

Take a listen and enjoy! There will definitely be more posts coming more frequently now that we have expanded things here. 🙂


Alright so just browsing through YouTube doing my regular check-ups and me and my very good friend Nate came across this! It is a Black Eyed Peas remix by an artist by the name of NOIR. I don’t know very much about him other than he’s an aspiring artist out of the UK, but this track is FIREEE! It has a lot of that old-school feel with the wobble but incorporates some hot hot sounds that are unheard of. I definitely enjoyed jamming to it as did my parter Nate. Check out his YouTube channel at MUSICFROMNOIR where you could also scoop up the FREE download from Heres the track Black Eyed Peas-Just Cant Get Enough (NOIR REMIX) Enjoy.

Also check out SoCalDubstep on YouTube For some of the latest music of this same syle.


To most of the world OFWGKTA is just a bunch of letters. But to me and a limited audience Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is something very incredible that comes out of it. Sounds way random right, but there is a young man by the name Tyler The Creator who is taking the world by storm! Check this out guys

Insane right!!! Tyler Okonma who is a 19 year old American rapper Hailing from the raw streets of Los Angeles California is one talented individual. His visions and lyrics are so raw that it might take a second to really click in, but trust me when i say that it will have some sort of impact.

Tyler The Creator is not alone in this ordeal. This hip-hop collective consists of Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, Syd That Kid, The Super 3, and Jasper Dolphin. These guys get down with it and they are definitely going to go places.

Here is a link to their site OFWGKTA! and you can follow Tyler on Twitter @fucktyler so check out their stuff and enjoy!

((I would like to thank my friend Karly’s boyfriend Ray for bringing Tyler to my attention and stay tuned for some features on his band LIGHT THE PILOT in the near future))


So i was checking my email earlier today and my good friend who happens to be an Illuminate Industries Street Team member that goes by the name Manny sent me this video that just had to be posted for everyone to enjoy. Me and Mr. Manny go wayyy back! We’ve been through many phases and life experiences which makes us pretty much family in my book. A common interest that we share happens to be the love of the underground culture and everything it has to offer. A couple of years back when we were in high school we used to blast Wu-Tang Clan music like no other! And guess what? To this day we still blast their music every chance we get. As a lot of you guys know music has came a long way over the years and has evolved in many different ways. Here we have a classic that has been remixed by Nebulla & Dore and i have to say that they did a mighty good job. Listen and enjoy my friends and lets give a big thank you to my good friend Manny for sending me this and for contributing to our cause!

If you would like to be a part of the Illuminate Industries Street Team shoot me an email or hit me up on Twitter and we will make big things happen!


Flux Pavilion is a madman when it comes to making music! Collaborate some of his music with the style of Roksonix and you get something that sounds like this.

The original track is amazing in itself. Now that Roksonix came in and gave it his own taste and style it sounds better than ever! I haven’t had the chance to see them live but i definitely will as soon as they make an appearance near me. Listen and enjoy. Stay tuned for some more music and remember to (click the tab to the right of the page to help shelter the less fortunate at no cost to you!) Thank you all in advance.


Dada Life has always been one of my favorite groups when it comes to electro music. These guys really know how to hold it down and bring the whole place down. Ive had the chance to see them live a few times and it was AMAZING to say the least. They just recently released a new track this month and well, here’s the official music video for it.

Check out their Youtube channel at (wwwDADALIFEcom.)

Follow them on Twitter at @dadalife.

And for a link to their website just click HERE!