Bringing the underground to the light.


So for as far back as i can remember Banksy has always been one of my favorite artists. I just love how he uses the world as his canvas and cheats the system every single time! He expresses himself without having to pay those ridiculous billboard and advertisement fees that come with the territory. He goes out on those dark gloomy nights, and when the sun rises, everyone gets a chance to appreciate urban art at its best. Here are a few shots of some of his work. And a link to his website at the bottom for those that want to further this exploration.



For a while now iv’e been intrigued by the very interesting genre of music that we all call dubstep. These guys right here have stayed under the radar for a while now but iv’e always loved their style. Look up some CAMO & KROOKED and you will come across some stuff like this great remix by them. Enjoy.


So me and a group of very talented people have came up for the logo design for Illuminate Industries. I am very proud to say that it will soon be printed on shirts and stickers and will be available to the public very soon. Also catch me at the Eibach 2011 (a honda only car meet in corona/riverside CA on May 15th) I will be attending with my Boosted Ek Hatchback of course rocking the banner so come by and say whats up.

((7th annual Eibach 2011 car meet))

((Sunday may 15th))

((Eibach springs factory, 264 Mariah Circle, Corona CA, 92879-1751))


So i have been saying for months now that i had this great idea for a site/company that will bring everything that i find so interesting and intriguing up to the light. I spend most of my time working like everyone else in this world but what i do on my free time is what i am here to share with everyone that is interested. I’m into music, cars, art, food, women, tattoos, you name it! But heres where it gets interesting… I’m not into your typical music. I’m into that music that shakes the place and nearly blows your ear drums out when you listen to it! BASS is what i love but super loud rock music has a soft spot in my heart as well 😛 Now when it comes to cars i like them all for the most part. But i love Fast, clean, low cars that take months/ years to get to where you want them to be and thats where i come in to share your creations with the world. Now for the art, i can appreciate and love most forms of art because i grew up on art and its many forms that it can take shape, so i will be documenting some more behind the scenes street art/ graffiti with you guys and gals so stay tuned. I’m in love with that LOUD MUSIC, FAST CARS, TATTOOED BODY, ADVENTUROUS type lifestyle and i hope that you join me as i document everything and anything that interests me and remember… this is an ILLUMINATION-NATION!